My Sexy Hot Sister

By mallukahani
September 12, 2013
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Hello everyone and live you me too a great fan of Indian sex stories and after reading a lot and I would like to make others to read my story also. I am Ilan 23 from south tamil nadu, working in a private sector. This is my own story about my sister Tamil. She is 21 now and every boy will be looking for a girl to feel sex before marriage and I am also in to the same desire from my age of 18.
This incidence happens in my age of 19 while doing 2nd year of BE when I went to native for my vocation, I am seeing my sister after a long time of nearly 8 months even before I have seen my sister even only in inner but I don’t have any sexual desire with her and but this time after a lot of reading porn stories and porn videos when I seen my sister in churithar and I surprised my eyes were keep on moving to her boobs.
She was perfectly shaped with 160cm height and 45kg weight with round boobs getting exposed in green chudi without shaal. Wow that was fleshy I murmured. She too got excited on seeing me after long time and with joy she hugged me. I smelled her neck & I came to know I am getting harder further I controlled myself saying to me and she is your sister ilan control two days passed meanwhile some thoughts came to my mind which I can control by masturbating.
Later a day, me, mom and tamil went to my grandma home since she was sick. We planned as my mom staying there and we came back but it happened my mom to return immediately for a personal reason. Mom asked me and Tamil to stay so that she can help grandma in cooking and I can be a support. Later my grandma and whole village had went to sleep and become silent. I and Tamil not felt sleepy, so we gone out for a walk by holding hands and came back in 15 minutes.
We went to terrace to enjoy the moon and cool wind while climbing the steps since it was not so slope, Tamil asked me to hold her hip so that she can walk fearlessly. I did the same and at that time in the darkness I felt the heat passing through my body. She was wearing a white shirt of mine and a brown skirt after reaching terrace we sat down facing each other in a dim yellow light. The shirt she wearing was the one and I used while studying 9th or 10th std.
The shirt is tight for her, the top button trying to tear the shirt. She is sitting by bending little, there I could see a small cleavage whiter that the shirt. Cool breeze wind her eyes and her structure making me mad can you believe a brother can control him at that time? Our conversation started and meanwhile a plan going through my mind. Inaiku epadiyavadhu boobsayavadhu thoturanum da nu planning to touch at least her boobs.
I keep on moving closer to her and now I am sitting near to her and holding her hands. I asked tamil yaen ivlo chinna sattaya potruka, kuluradha why wearing such small shirt, is it not making cold? mmm kulurudhu na ya brother I am feeling cold she replied naan venumna treatment panata can I give treatment for it and I asked ok she replied immediately I started rubbing her hands and legs.
She smiled at that time and I slowly went to her shoulder and rubbed neck too. Now I could feel heat in her too and she closed her eyes. I took advantage and kissed her in her cheek. I told her Annaku kiss kodu kiss me too and she immediately did and I could sense heat and moan in her respiration. Now my mind was set to take advantage with my hands around her.
I moved my kiss to neck and shoulders and my hands around her moved to her boobs and squeezing it. First time in lime I am touching boobs that too my sisters boob. How lucky I am and what a start for my sexual life and I made her lied down and slowly unbuttoned her shirt and started squeezing her boobs and seen her navel, wow even Simran can’t beat my sister in it. Perfect, flat lemon colour hip making me to lick and I lick her navel itself for 10 minutes.
All this play she is enjoying with moaning by closing eyes. I went up and by playing in neck itself I asked her Tamil, Bedroom pogalama shall we move to bedroom she said sari na Ok brother. I know doing in terrace will be ultimate than in bedroom, but for safe reasons we went to bedroom while moving I was carrying my sister in my hand and she was so shy to see my face and smiling.
I put her in the bed, closed the door, switched on the light to explore her body and expressions completely then I removed my all dress other than boxers then only she seen my face and moaning annaaaa. I jumped to her and started playing with her fleshy boobs over bra, wow it was so soft like a soft foam. I removed her bra and shocked to see those cute erected nipples which making the boobs like tanjavore temple while.
I started licking nipples, her hand passed through my body and she started moaning like anything. I got understand this giving my sister more and more joy. I was licking for my own time and then moved to her lips and started licking her tongue, she got more excited and gone vigorous than me, I couldn’t believe my sister going this much wild tamil’s hand moving to my boxers now and searching for my penis.
I got up, took my part out and shown to her, it was 17cm I believe, even i did not seen it that much bigger before. I could see the shock in her eyes, her hand flying to catch it on catching she doesn’t know what to do. I guided it to her mouth and she was not licking proper since it’s not going inside her mouth but then also she played for more than 15 minutes then
I removed her skirt and panty another shock and eye catching part was there with light blackish hair in inverted triangle shape. I slowly separated her legs, she closed her eyes. I placed my hands I sensed wetness and slowly started rubbing and immediately on placing my tongue, the wetness started flowing then I started licking and inserting my tough
She went extreme and started moaning loud and then she asked Anna unodatha ulla vidu, ulla vidru brother insert yours inside then I took my rod & inserted slowly and rubbed, inserted fast and faster. She started scolding me with some bad words and tried to escape from be because of pain and afraid of pregnancy even I felt the same and removed my penis even for that I seen blood in her cunt
And she felt very pain but she enjoyed well she told then she told Anna for you I will adjust I will put tablet you go ahead. I understood my sister’s desire and started inserting again and started stroking my penny faster and faster. She cum first and I took out and cum for safety then we slept by hugging at 4 O’clock I woke and started rubbing again. She also woke. I asked her can we? She replied yes with pain and then we did softly once and slept. Till now we were enjoying 4 other times we did coming in next stories. Please post your comments

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